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Summer sales tips to kick start your profits

2016 has been crowned the ‘summer of sport’, so make sure your store is well stocked with essential products to take advantage of this fantastic sales opportunity!

Euro 2016
group stages

10th - 22nd June

  • 44% of shoppers plan to watch the Euros this year, so make sure your merchandised Euros display caters to everyone — beers, ciders and wines.*

  • Most supporters will be watching the matches at home, so stock up on essential sharing snacks (chocolates and crisps) and a good mix of soft drinks and alcohol.

  • Carlsberg and Coca-Cola are official sponsors of the football tournament so look out for on-pack promotions, free supplier POS kits, posters and dump bins to add theatre to your store.


US Open Golf


16th - 19th June

  • The golf championship will be shown live on Sky Sports and streamed on the US Open app (available to download here from 10th June).

  • Make sure you have plenty of long drinks, wines, ciders and beers in the chiller. Heineken’s top two reasons for purchasing beer are sharing at a get-together and buying to drink in front of the TV – both scenarios apply to the US Open.*

  • Remember, sharing snacks play a big part when watching sport at home.

Father's Day

19th June

  • Customers will be looking for last-minute presents — think beers, spirits, wine and boxed chocolates too.

  • Father’s Day is the biggest whiskey selling opportunity outside Christmas (especially premium malts) so make sure your selection is front and center.*

  • Re-merchandise your gift cards and gift bags next to alcohol and confectionery to encourage impulse buys.


Tour De France

Tour De France

2nd - 24th July

  • Stock healthy snacks and energy drinks for customers inspired by the tour. The race is broadcast throughout the month, so keep your sharing snacks, soft drinks and long drinks well stocked.


7th June - 7th July

  • During ramadan Muslim customers will be shopping late at night and early in the morning - make sure you’re open for business for extra sales.


27th June - 10th July


Have these key dates to hand to help you get ready for a busy start to summer

Download our Event Shopping List here >



5th - 21st August

  • 60% of shoppers plan to watch the Olympic Games and 93% intend to do so at home. That means additional sales of alcohol, confectionery, soft drinks, crisps and more.*

  • A well merchandised display, in-store theatre and attentive staff will see sales rise in key categories and bring results at the till. Why not offer an Olympics meal-deal for couples and families watching the games? Perhaps a bottle of carbonate with pizza for the family or a quick meal solution with wine for couples watching the games together.

  • Are your customers inspired to exercise during the Olympics? Bottled water sells well during sporting events, so make sure your offering is chilled and ready to drink.

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