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All store planograms (What is a Planogram?) have two primary targets. The creation of an optimal visual product placement and the creation of an optimal commercial product placement. In short, the primary targets can be summarised by turnover and profit increase.

The standard layout for most stores, unless dictated to by some architectural abnormality, is fairly similar. And any planogramming will tend to concentrate on certain hotspots that will include the entrance and of course the checkout area. Usually larger products tend to be displayed by and around the entrance, where there is usually more space. Smaller items and impulse buys tend to focus around the checkout section.

There are various theories surrounding the placement of products from a visual point of view - eye level being the key feature. These are normally broken down into three factors; horizontal product placement, vertical product placement and block placement.

Horizontal placement will increase the concentration of the customer, towards a particular article, when multi horizontal placements of the same product are applied side by side. Research has shown that a minimum placement range, whether horizontal or vertical, of between 15 and 30 cm of one product is necessary to achieve an increase in customer acknowledgement - depending obviously on the customers distance from the unit.

Vertical placement works in the same way and has one particular product on top of the other.

Block placement is when you have different products that have something in common, nearly always the same branding, and they are placed in block formation. This can be achieved by placing the products side by side, on top of each other or centred.

Any intelligent planogram will take in many features and theories into consideration. Every single product has its specially selected home in the store. The detailed planogram will show these areas and will be specifically designed to illuminate individual products and target the consumer. If the store is correctly formatted properly and the high selling products and impulse buys are displayed using these tried and tested planogram formulations – turnover and profit should dramatically increase.

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