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Shopper Mission - Stay safe in store

The most important thing you can do is provide a safe place for you and your customers to visit. By taking these measures, you will give your customers confidence that your store is a safe place to shop so they don’t go elsewhere

Stay safe in store

1 Outside your store

Where possible, position a member of staff at the entrance to limit the number of customers entering the store at any one time.

Place social distancing marks for customers to use when queuing, with signage explaining what to do.

Stay safe in store

4 Purchases

Bag up loose bread rolls and sell on the shop floor and loose confectionery should be sold from behind the counter.

Encourage contactless payment and let customers know that the limit has been increased from £30 to £45.

Maintain at least 2m social distancing during the transaction.

Stay safe in store

2 Sanitising

There should be hand sanitiser available as customers enter and leave the store.

Staff should be regularly cleaning trolley handles and baskets, as well as door handles, shelving and chillers.

Stay safe in store

5 Protecting staff

Place screens at the till point and use floor stickers and POS to communicate social distancing.

Ensure you and your staff wear gloves and change them regularly. Use uniforms and protective equipment.

Stay safe in store

3 Shoppers

Have a one-way route around the store to maintain social distancing.

Use floor stickers and tape to show social distancing measures, particularly around the till area.

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