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James Bielby
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The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) is the trade association for UK wholesalers operating in the grocery and foodservice markets, supplying independent retailers and caterers.

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“Whether it is a retailer shopping with a wholesaler or a consumer shopping in a retail outlet, providing the right range of products at a local level is critical to the success of your business. This is why we welcome this independent range guide from Plan for Profit. Customer surveys reveal just how important it is to tailor your product offer to your customers, and implementing the right category range and presenting it clearly on shelf will make your customers’ visit less stressful, and encourage them to come back again and again.”

James Bielby, Chief Executive

Mike Greene
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him! research & consulting are the convenience experts, they speak to over 100,000 shoppers and retailers every year to get to the heart of what drives their behaviour. him! expertise spans across not only convenience but also wholesale, the high street and out of home eating.

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“Your “Plan for Profit” guide is an excellent tool to help wholesalers and retailers, ensuring they are providing the correct range of products for their customers needs on a regular basis.

It is interesting to see how demanding convenience shoppers are for quality & range, although availability will always remain a number one priority. Traditionally shoppers were prepared to come back to give their local convenience store 3 more chances if they failed to purchase something, this has now reduced to 2 times as our choices for where to shop have significantly increased. Shoppers who visit Todays stores scored them highly, awarding 9/10 satisfaction rating for both product range, and 9/10 for availability. This will pay dividends as shoppers will be more likely to recommend your store to their friends and family, word of mouth is a powerful endorsement in retail.”

Jill Livesey, Director

James Lowman
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ACS is a not for profit members organisation that exists to provide a voice for the local shop sector and to help its members with advice, services and networking opportunities. As an organisation we rely on our members to make our work a success.

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ACS works passionately to support local independent business, lobbying on the issues that will impact on your business and also providing advice on complying with new regulations.

ACS is privileged to work with many of the best retailers in the country, and their success is usually based on the same core principles:

  • Listening to customers, and stocking the right range to meet their needs
  • Making sure that range is available and easy to find in store
  • Focusing on customer service, treating people with respect
  • Playing an active part in the community

“These principles may sound basic, but they need to be worked to every day and to do this, retailers need to listen to good advice about what to stock, based on consumer insights and data on the market and we welcome the support provided by Wholesalers and Symbol groups through initiatives such as “Plan for Profit” to help independent retailers in this area. Spend time in your store with your customers, but also make a bit of time to understand the bigger picture.”

James Lowman, Chief Executive

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