Focus On - Christmas Beers, Wines & Spirits @PlanforProfitRetail @Plan_for_Profit Focus On Christmas Beers, Wines & Spirits This year shoppers are set to stock up over a longer period, lasting a number of weeks on the lead up to Christmas day. (Source: Nielsen Total Impulse – Beer and Cider sub-cat value shares and trend. XMAS 2020 – 4we 02.01.21, XMAS 2019 – 4WE 04.01.20) Premiumisation was a key trend during Christmas 2020, with 46% of shoppers more inclined to trade up to premium food and drinks, as consumers look to create special experiences at home. (Source: Kantar Worldpanel Data 52we 14.06.20) Shoppers will pay a premium for quality wine at Christmas with the average price per litre 4% higher than usual. (Source: Nielsen. Impulse. 11.07.21)