Focus On - Christmas Beers, Wines & Spirits

The buying group for independent wholesalers Dear retailer, Focus On is a series of mini category guides by Plan for Profit that combine key supplier insights and proven core range advice to help independent retailers get the fundamentals right in-store to maximize category sales. As the festive period draws closer, this cross category edition covers Christmas beers, wines and spirits. Fewer shoppers celebrated Christmas in 2020, and those that did gathered in smaller groups due to government restrictions; furthermore, 76% of UK shoppers celebrated Christmas last year with less people than usual. Christmas day 2021 falls on a Saturday and is predicted to be a ‘Super Christmas Celebration’, with 18 – 44 year olds stating they are planning Christmas in 2021 to be bigger than usual, to make up for the restricted celebrations of 2020. This will lead to shoppers stocking up on festive drinks over a longer period of time; therefore making your store a destination for festive alcohol sales will be key to attracting these customers. All Focus on guides are available to view on the Plan for Profit website and app, visit or search ‘plan for profit’ in your preferred app store. Look out for the following editions which will be launched before the end of the year: Growing your tea category and Household & Laundry. Kind Regards, Tracey Redfearn Category Controller, Plan for Profit Christmas beers, wines and spirits Moderation is another growing trend around Christmas, therefore it’s important to capture this consumption occasion. The no and low alcohol category is currently in 11.1% growth and will play a key role over the festive period. Independent retailers can gain additional sales from shoppers that are keen to “live better” without compromising on taste, therefore ensuring you are stocking a range of no and low products to facilitate this opportunity is key. (Source: IGD Shoppervista 7th Jan 2021) Christmas is a key occasion for shoppers to treat themselves, friends and family to more premium products. This is particularly the case when consumers are spending an evening at home. Retailers should therefore ensure they’re offering the right range of premium alternatives for shoppers that intend to trade up over the festive period, including the run up to New Year’s Eve which falls on a Friday this year. 83% of shoppers claimed to celebrate Christmas in 2020 making it one of the biggest occasions in the calendar. (Source: IGD ShopperVista, 06.01.21) @PlanforProfitRetail @Plan_for_Profit Page 2