Focus On - Energy

Dear Retailer, The ‘Focus On’ guides by Plan for Profit are specifically designed for the independent retailer. Each guide contains expert product and category insights to help you make the most of opportunities in store and meet the needs of your customers. In this issue we discuss energy drinks – a category that no retailer’s soft drinks range is complete without. Not only is it the biggest soft drinks segment, with stimulant drinks alone worth £630m in independents & symbols, it is also one of the fastest growing. It is also a market with its own unique pressures and challenges. On the one hand, it is a category that relies on a relatively small group of loyal shoppers who are being squeezed by the rising cost of living. On the other, there are so many new products, flavour extensions and revamped recipes designed to appeal to new shoppers that it can be hard to keep up. In this issue, you’ll find a breakdown of the market, an overview of the opportunities in the category and planograms you can replicate to make sure you’re catering to all shoppers’ energy needs. All copies of the Focus On Guides are available to review on the Plan for Profit website and app. Visit or search ‘Plan for Profit’ in your preferred app store. The buying group for independent wholesalers Bestsellers Page 2 View Focus On guides here: @PlanforProfitRetail @Plan_for_Profit Top selling singles • Red Bull 250ml • Red Bull 355ml • Monster 500ml • Boost Original 500ml • Red Bull 473ml • Lucozade Sport 500ml • Monster Juiced Mango Logo 500ml • Monster Punch Pipeline Punch 500ml • Lucozade Energy Orange 500ml • Prime Ice Pop 500ml • Prime Strawberry Watermelon 500ml Top-selling take-home products • Lucozade Energy Orange 900ml • Lucozade Energy Original 900ml • Red Bull 4x250ml • Monster 4x500ml • Boost Original 1Ltr • Lucozade Energy 6x380ml • Lucozade Sport Orange 4x500ml • Lucozade Sport Raspberry 4x500ml • Monster Ultra Regular 4x500ml • Red Bull Sugar-free regular 4x250ml Kind Regards, Tracey Redfearn Head of Marketing & Communications IRI Total Market Sales L52 weeks to 18 February 2023 Nielsen - Total Coverage - Value – Single Serve Soft Drinks – 52 W/E– 31 December 2022 IRI Total Market & GB Symbols & Indies and NI Convenience 52 W/E to 19 February 2023