Focus On - Healthy Breakfast @PlanforProfitRetail @Plan_for_Profit Page 4 Healthy Breakfast 85% of UK shoppers are actively seeking healthier alternatives, making cereals the perfect choice for breakfast. (IGD Shopper Vista March 19) Weetabix Original 24’s Kellogg’s Fruit ‘n’ Fibre 750g Alpen Original Original 625g Look for the top of pack ‘Whole Grain No.1 Ingredient’ message, these products are ideal for shoppers on a healthy breakfast mission. 70% of cereal is consumed for ‘breakfast’ with 59% at home and 41% ‘On the Go.’ (Kantar WPO: Total Cereal, Total Market, 52we, 23 March 2020; 2020 Landmark; occasions research 2019) See page 10 for Healthy Breakfast On the Go guidance Nestlé Cheerios 375g Nestlé Shredded Wheat 16’s As the healthy eating trend continues to grow, shoppers are demanding more variety in vegan, vegetarian and protein products (IGD Retailers Analysis, Feb 20) Consumed at home On the Go 59% 41%