Focus On - Tobacco with JTI

STERLING ESSENTIAL 30G ROLL I NG TOBACCO NEW BLEND – WHOLE LEAF WITH LOWER MOISTURE FOR EASY ROLLING PAPER BASED POUCH – NO PACK PLASTIC CELLOPHANE OVERWRAP NO PAPERS OR FILTERS – FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR TOBACCO ACCESSORIES ESSENTIAL 30g 30g 50g 30g 3-in-1 BLEND ROLLING PAPERS FILTERS CELLOPHANE OVERWRAP WHOLE LEAF ORIGINAL ORIGINAL ORIGINAL *Based on a retailer buying at the current wholesale selling price and selling at RRP as of 09/04/2021. You are, of course, at all times free to sell JTI’s products at whatever price you choose. **IRi Market Place, Volume Share, Total RYO/MYO, Total UK, over the last 12 months to Jun 2021 (based on slope calculation) THE STERLING RANGE UK’S FASTEST GROWING TOBACCO BRAND ** £ 12 .95 RRP * 30G