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KitKat Bunny
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Home Baking 2021

1m x 3 Shelf (Wales)

Shelf 1 (Top)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Hartley's Best Strawberry Jam340g2
Hartley's Best Raspberry Seedless Jam340g2
Hartley's Best Blackcurrant Jam340g2
Robertson's Marmalade Golden Shred454g1
Rowse Natural Pure Honey Squeezy340g1
Sun-Pat Smooth Peanut Spread300g1
Sun-Pat Crunchy Peanut Spread300g1
Nutella Hazelnut Spread350g1
Marmite Spread 125g1
Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Tin454g1
Shelf 2
ProductPack SizeFacings
Angel Delight Strawberry59g1
Birds Custard Powder (Tub With Plastic Lid)300g1
Hartley's Strawberry Flavour Jelly135g2
Hartley's Strawberry Jelly Pot125g2
Ambrosia Devon Custard Pot150g1
Ambrosia Creamy Rice Pudding Pot150g1
Ambrosia Devon Creamed Rice400g2
Ambrosia Devon Custard400g2
Shelf 3 (Bottom)
ProductPack SizeFacings
McDougall's Plain Flour500g1
McDougall's Self Raising Flour500g1
Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar500g1
Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar500g2
Del Monte Peach Slices In Juice415g1
Del Monte Pineapple Slices In Juice432g1
Del Monte Fruit Cocktail In Juice415g1
Jif Lemon250ml1
Nestlé Carnation Condensed Milk397g1
Nestlé Carnation Evaporated Milk410g1
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