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Pet Care 2021

2m x 6 Shelf (Scotland)

Shelf 1 (Top)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats with Chicken & Cheese 60g60g1
Whiskas Milk 200ml200ml1
Dreamies Chicken60g2
Dreamies Cheese60g1
Felix Goody Bag Original Mix60g1
Felix Goody Bag Seaside Mix60g1
Sheba Fresh Choice Cat Pouches Poultry Selection6x50g1
Sheba Fine Flakes Cat Pouches Poultry Collection in Jelly12x85g1
Sheba Classics Cat Tray with Chicken in Terrine85g1
Sheba Classics Cat Tray with Salmon in Jelly85g1
Sheba Select Slices Cat Tray Chicken in Gravy85g1
Pedigree Dentastix Large4 Stick1
Pedigree Treat Dentastix Medium7 Stick1
Pedigree Dentastix Small7 Stick1
Pedigree Dentastix Advanced Dog Dental Chew80g1
Pedigree Schmackos Beef10'S1
Pedigree Treat Rodeo Beef4Pk2
Pedigree Treat Jumbone Beef200g1
Shelf 2
ProductPack SizeFacings
Whiskas 1+ Chicken in Jelly Pouch100g2
Whiskas 1+ Tuna in Jelly Pouch100g1
Felix Chicken in Jelly100g1
Felix Tuna in Jelly100g1
Felix Beef in Jelly100g1
Felix AGAIL Chicken in Jelly100g1
Felix AGAIL Tuna in Jelly100g1
Gourmet Perle Pouch Chicken85g1
Gourmet Perle Pouch Beef85g1
Bonio Original Dog Biscuits650g1
Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bones Dog Biscuits400g1
Pedigree Tasty Bites Dog Treats Cheesy Nibbles with Beef140g1
Bakers Dental Delicious Chicken. Medium Dog200g1
Bakers Sizzlers Bacon120g1
Bakers Whirlers Bacon & Cheese130g1
Bakers Allsorts98g1
Bakers Rewards100g1
Shelf 3
ProductPack SizeFacings
Felix Meat Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Felix AGAIL Meat Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Felix AGAIL Ocean Feast in Jelly12x100g1
Felix AGAIL Favourites in Jelly12x100g1
Felix AGAIL Doubly Delicious Meaty Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Winalot Meaty Chunks in Gravy 12x100g1
Winalot Meaty Chunks in Jelly12x100g1
Pedigree Dog Pouches Mixed Selection in Gravy12x100g1
Pedigree Dog Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Cesar Classics Terrine Mixed Selection 8x150g8 X 150g1
Shelf 4
ProductPack SizeFacings
Felix Fish Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Whiskas 1+ Poultry Selection in Jelly Pouches12x100g1
Whiskas 1+ Pouch Fish and Meat Selection in Jelly12x100g1
Whiskas Pure Delight Fish in Jelly12x85g1
Butchers Tripe400g2
Winalot Classics Chicken400g2
Winalot Tuna400g2
Cesar Classics Dog Tray with Chicken & Turkey150g2
Cesar Classics Dog Tray with Turkey & Lamb150g2
Cesar Country Stew Dog Tray with Chicken, Vegetables & Parsley150g2
Shelf 5
ProductPack SizeFacings
Whiskas 7+ Pouch Poultry in Jelly12x100g1
Whiskas 1+ Fish Selection in Jelly Pouches12x100g1
GoCat Chicken & Duck340g1
GoCat Tuna/Herring/Veg340g1
Purina One Chicken200g1
Lifestyle Dog Food Chicken Chunks in Gravy400g2
Lifestyle Dog Food Beef Chunks in Gravy400g1
Pedigree Jelly Chicken385g2
Pedigree Beef in gravy400g2
Pedigree Loaf Original 400g2
Pedigree Dog Tins Mixed Selection in Jelly6x385g1
Pedigree Dog Tins Mixed Selection in Gravy6x400g1
Shelf 6 (Bottom)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Lifestyle Lightweight Cat Litter3ltr1
Catsan Litter Hygiene5Ltr1
Lifestyle Cat Food Salmon Chunks in Jelly400g1
Lifestyle Cat Food Chicken Chunks in Jelly400g1
Whiskas 1+ Salmon in Jelly Can390g2
Whiskas 1+ Chicken in Jelly Can390g2
Whiskas 1+ Complete Dry with Tuna340g1
Whiskas 1+ Complete Dry with Chicken340g1
Bakers Adult Rich in Chicken with Country Vegetable1kg1
Bakers Adult Rich in Beef with Country Vegetable 1kg1
Bakers Meaty Meals Adult Beef1kg1
Bakers Small Dog Beef and Vegetables1.1kg1
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