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Snack Meals 2021

1m x 2 Shelf (Northern Ireland)

Shelf 1 (Top)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom Flavour90g2
Pot Noodle Beef and Tomato Flavour90g2
Pot Noodle Original Curry90g2
Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy90g2
Batchelor's Super Noodles Pot Chicken Flavour75g2
Shelf 2 (Bottom)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Batchelor's Super Noodles Chicken Flavour90g2
Batchelor's Super Noodles Barbecue Beef Flavour90g2
Batchelor's Super Noodles Mild Curry Flavour90g2
Batchelor's Pasta 'N' Sauce Pot Mild Cheese and Broccoli65g1
Batchelor's Pasta 'N' Sauce Pot Chicken and Mushroom65g2
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