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Take Home Soft Drinks 2021

2m x 5 Shelf (Scotland)

Shelf 1 (Top)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Coca Cola Zero Sugar1.75ltr5
Diet Coke1.75ltr5
Rubicon Mango1ltr1
Ocean Spray Cranberry1ltr1
Lifestyle Pure Orange Juice1ltr1
Lifestyle Pure Apple Juice1ltr1
Just Juice Orange1ltr1
Just Juice Apple1ltr1
Fruit Shoot - Apple & Black Currant4x200ml1
Yazoo Chocolate1ltr2
Shelf 2
ProductPack SizeFacings
Coca Cola Classic1.5ltr6
Barr Cola2ltr2
Red Kola2ltr1
Diet Pepsi2ltr2
Robinsons Orange900ml2
Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant900ml2
Robinsons Summer Fruit900ml 2
Ribena600ml 2
Shelf 3
ProductPack SizeFacings
Pepsi Max2ltr 3
Barr Cream Soda2ltr1
Barr Cherryade 2ltr1
Barr Limeade2ltr1
Dr Pepper2ltr2
Vimto Fizzy2ltr 1
Fanta Fruit Twist2ltr1
Lucozade Orange 1ltr2
Lucozade Original1ltr2
Lucozade Cherry1ltr2
LSV Energy1ltr1
Boost 1ltr2
Red Bull4x250ml1
Shelf 4
ProductPack SizeFacings
Schweppes Lemonade 2ltr2
Sprite 2ltr1
Barr Lemonade2ltr1
R Whites Lemonade2ltr1
IRN-BRU Sugar Free2ltr1
IRN-BRU Extra 2ltr1
IRN-BRU 1907750ml1
IRN-BRU Sugar Free750ml1
Barr Orangeade2ltr2
Tango Orange2ltr1
Fanta Orange2ltr3
Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water1ltr1
Schweppes Tonic Water1ltr1
Lifestyle Low Calorie Tonic Water 1ltr1
Carters Soda Water1ltr1
Shelf 5 (Bottom)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Coca Cola Classic6x330ml1
IRN-BRU Sugar Free6x330ml1
Monster Original4x500ml1
Macb Cranberry & Raspberry Still1.5ltr1
Volvic Touch of Strawberry1.5ltr2
Volvic Still Water1.5ltr 2
Highland Spring Still Water1.5ltr2
Highland Spring Sparkling Water1.5ltr2
Sunspring Still Water2ltr2
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