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Take Home Soft Drinks 2021

2m x 5 Shelf (Wales)

Shelf 1 (Top)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Coca Cola Zero Sugar1.75ltr2
Diet Coke1.75ltr2
Coca Cola Classic1.5ltr4
Coca Cola Cherry1.5ltr2
Rubicon Mango1ltr1
Ocean Spray Cranberry1ltr1
Lifestyle Pure Apple Juice1ltr1
Lifestyle Pure Orange Juice1ltr1
Just Juice Orange1ltr1
Just Juice Apple1ltr1
Apple & Black Currant Fruit Shoot 4x200ml1
Yazoo Chocolate1ltr1
Shelf 2
ProductPack SizeFacings
Pepsi Max Cherry2ltr2
Pepsi Max2ltr2
Diet Pepsi2ltr2
Barr Cola2ltr1
Dr Pepper2ltr2
Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant900ml2
Robinsons Orange900ml2
Vimto Squash725ml2
Shelf 3
ProductPack SizeFacings
Fanta Orange Zero2ltr1
Fanta Orange2ltr2
Fanta Fruit Twist2ltr2
Tango Orange2ltr2
Vimto Fizzy2ltr1
Irn Bru Extra2ltr1
IRN-BRU Sugar Free2ltr1
Lucozade Orange1ltr2
Lucozade Original1ltr2
Lucozade Cherry1ltr2
LSV Energy1ltr1
Shelf 4
ProductPack SizeFacings
Barr Cream Soda2ltr1
Barr Cherryade2ltr1
Barr Orangeade2ltr1
Barr Lemonade2ltr1
7up Free2ltr2
Schweppes Slimline Lemonade2ltr2
Schweppes Lemonade2ltr1
Lifestyle Lemonade2ltr1
Lifestyle Diet Lemonade 2ltr1
R Whites Lemonade2ltr1
Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water1ltr1
Schweppes Tonic Water1ltr2
Lifestyle Soda Water1ltr1
Lifestyle Tonic Water1ltr1
Shelf 5 (Bottom)
ProductPack SizeFacings
Coca Cola Classic6x330ml1
Monster Original4x500ml1
Red Bull4x250ml1
Volvic Touch of Strawberry 1.5ltr2
Volvic Touch of Lemon & Lime1.5ltr1
Volvic Still Water1.5ltr2
Evian Still Water1.5ltr2
Highland Spring Still Water 1.5ltr2
Highland Spring Sparkling Water1.5ltr2
Sunspring Still Water2ltr1
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