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High Fat Sugar & Salt (HFSS) Legislation

Use our HFSS product check tool below to search for High Fat Sugar & Salt compliant lines. In addition you can discover more about what HFSS means and if your store is affected by this legislation.

It's important to be aware that retailers can continue to carry non-compliant HFSS products. However, there will be legal limitations impacting where these products can be placed (began October 2022) and/or how they can be promoted (starting from October 2025) in certain stores.

In October 2022, the Government introduced new regulations that affected thousands of independent retailers in England. The intention was to reduce the availability of products high in fat, sugar and salt through implementing restrictions around promotion and placement in convenience stores. Regulations in Wales and Scotland are currently being reviewed and are set to be announced soon.

Location restrictions were implemented in October 2022, resulting in the ban on placing HFSS products in high footfall areas such as checkouts, end-of-aisle units, store entrances, and designated queueing areas for certain stores.

The restriction on volume promotions will come into force from October 2025, meaning offers like ‘buy one get one free’ on HFSS restricted lines will be banned for affected stores.

Additional TV/online advertising restrictions will also come into force from October 2025, meaning affected stores cannot offer volume promotions on HFSS products on their websites and online marketplaces.

With many brands set to reformulate their key lines to ensure compliance, it is important retailers are aware of the products this new legislation affects. Our HFSS product check tool allows you to identify which of your stocked lines are HFSS compliant, as well as those that are impacted so you can make an informed decision about potential changes to your product range.

The information displayed on this website has been provided by the product manufacturers and Unitas Wholesale Limited accepts no responsibility for incorrect data, errors or omissions. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. For further guidance we recommend retailers work directly with suppliers on all matters relating to HFSS.