Swizzels Puds
Swizzels Puds
Swizzels Puds

Events Calendar

   September 2020
   13th The Great North Run (Cancelled)
   October 2020
   4th London Marathon
   31st Halloween
   November 2020
   5th Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night)
   14th Diwali (5 days)
   30th St Andrew's Day
   December 2020
   1st Beginning of Advent
   25th Christmas Day
   26th Boxing Day
   28th Bank Holiday (Boxing Day Substitute)
   31st New Year's Eve
   January 2021
   1st Bank Holiday
   2nd Bank Holiday (Scotland)
   25th Burns Night
   February 2021
   6th Six Nations Opening Matches
   12th Chinese New Year
   14th Valentines Day
   16th Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
   March 2021
   1st St David's Day
   14nd Mother's Day
   20th Six Nations Final Matches
   17th St Patrick's Day
   April 2021
   2nd Good Friday Bank Holiday
   3rd The Boat Race
   4th Easter Day
   5th Easter Monday Bank Holiday
   10th The Grand National
   12th Ramadan Begins
   21st Queen Elizabeth's Birthday
   23rd St George's Day
   25th London Marathon
   May 2021
   3rd May Day Bank Holiday
   15th FA Cup Final
   26th UEFA Europa League Final
   29th UEFA Champions League Final
   31st Spring Bank Holiday
   June 2021
   11th Euro 2020 (31 days)
   15th Royal Ascot (5 days)
   20th Father's Day
   28th Wimbledon (14 days)
   July 2021
   2nd Tour de France (24 days)
   11th Euro 2020 Final
   11th British Grand Prix
   23rd Summer Olympics (17 days)
   August 2021
   8th Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony
   30th Summer Bank Holiday
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